Chug, Chug, Chug!! It’s Full Day Happy Hour At Masabaa Ya’ll!


Straight from the food belly of Punjabi Bagh, Masabaa – The Treasury has given us the best summer gift! An all day long happy hour ya’ll! An eclectic zone of maximum energy & profoundly beautiful & modern ambience, Masabaa is as infectious as your smile. With a heaven sent yummy menu of the drinks, Masabaa – The Treasury is bringing reinventing drinking with its newest offer!


30 Second Window:

  • Masabaa – The Treasury is dim lit yet, profoundly beautiful restaurant in Punjabi Bagh that is slowly creeping its way into many a Delhite’s heart! The place bears smattering number of resemblances with its sister restaurant.
  • An ambience that oozes fine dining, there is enough space for ya’ll to drink around in gay joy. Besides, the gem of the place only reveals its true secrets using its food & drinks! Like you didn’t know that already :p
  • So, let’s get down to what all is great here! Chilly chicken & Chicken Popcorn are a must here. With a dash of Alfredo Pasta & Cigar Rolls your day is made instantly – considering you will chug on Frozen Strawberry Margarita!
  • The ambience of the place perfectly compliments the meals with motifs hanging from the wall along with bright lamps.

You can contact Masabaa – The Treasury for a party scene! We hear they’re giving awesome, heavy discounts on their kitty party scene!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you show West Delhi’s best pal some love & a chance to prove its gastronomical abilities to make you go MAD!

In the meanwhile, give yourself a chutti & plan a sorted party with your friends & family here! For more information & updates check out Masabaa – The Treasury’s Facebook page here!

Still waiting? Here’s a little more you need to know about Masabaa – The Treasury!

Sneak Peak | 37, NWA, Club Road, Punjabi Bagh

Google Maps | Click Here

And Pay | ₹ 1,200 for a duo

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