Divulge In The World’s Library Of Masala Right Here In Delhi Till 1 AM In The Night!

Masala Library

Masala Library in Janpath is one of those few places in Delhi that is aces in everyone’s books! Equipped with a delicious menu featuring all the masalas from around India & the world, this place causes the ultimate #foodgasm. Masala Library is not just a place to dive into the culinary world but also one where the ambience is as infectious as the food! Brightly lit with a big chandelier to welcome every guest, there’s no way this place isn’t on the top of the list of every foodie in town.

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30 Second Window:

  • Packing a 19 course meal under their chef hats, peeps here at Masala Library are causing some serious ripples in the ocean of food here in Delhi!
  • The 19 course meal includes a splendid menu of pork, prawns & the most lip smacking lamb you’ve ever tasted. Beginning with the starters to the main course and finally the dessert, everything here is flawless.
  • Vegetarians you’ve gotta hit Masala Library this week for the most delicious Amuse Bouche. This starter is perfect for lunch/dinner & is a must have item. Their madur vada & clear rasam slather the flavours across your mouths for that perfect gastronomic experience!
  • To help tickle your senses – and we mean all of them – try their braised mutton champ with maple and kakum glaze. This heaven sent meal was beyond our wildest dreams! This meal topped with the best dessert they have to offer – jalebi cavier and ashen kulfi makes for the best #foodporn.

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you visit Masala Library for that perfect gastronomical experience of your life! These guys also have wine tasting menus that allow you a taste of several wines – 75ml each!
  • So, if at all you’re one of those people who love gorging on food after getting thoda *hick*, this is the place to be! Their extensive list of the finest wines slathers your mouth with a flavour bomb that is beyond our wildest imagination!

In the meanwhile, do check out their Facebook page here.

Sneak Peak | 21 A, Janpath

And Pay | ₹5,000 for two

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