Mompreneur Special Mother’s Day

A mother is the one who has the potential to take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.


A mother plays an important role in everyone’s life, in fact she is the one who brought us in this beautiful world. She is lovely, caring, cute and sometimes angry. She has various roles and responsibilities as a mother but in today’s world her role is not limited to household jobs but she is spreading her wings and reaching out to the sky. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, we salute those Daring Divas who dared to think out of the box and became ‘Momeprenuers’ that is, a Mother as well as Entrepreneurs! Isn’t that great?


Let’s meet the She-Heros ūüôā

1. Name- Meena Bindra

    Owns- Biba

    Category- Apparels


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Started from a home in Delhi by a homemaker named ‘Meena’ having 7 years old kid, today Biba is one of the most loved ethnic wear brand in India. Biba has stores in various places and selling through all the top e-commerce websites. Meena thought that doing business from her home is more convenient and comfortable but she never had an idea that her one step can take her so far. She has already been awarded many times for crossing that line and doing what she wanted!


2. Name- Suman Dash

   Owns- Vastradi

   Category- Jewellers


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Four years back started with an investment of just Rs. 2500 Vastradi Jewels, is now a selling online and earning big. Suman holds a degree in Electronics Engineering, has also worked with giants like Reliance and Wipro. She had to face a lot of problems while starting her own venture but after some time she managed to get an investment of 35 lacs!


3. Name- Shalini Vij

   Owns- Hang Out

   Category- Family Entertainment


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After returning from US to India because of some health issues, Shalini who holds a degree in Business Administration and Personnel Management from Northern Illinois University, started her own venture. At that time she was having two kids and couldn’t find any good place to spend time with her family. So ultimately she decided to take a step and started her own chain of Family Entertainment Centres in Delhi and Gurgaon.


4. Name- Arti Singh

   Owns- Elixir

   Category- Web Solution


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If you were thinking that Momeprenuers are limited to Fashion brands then you are absolutely wrong! Momeprenuers are not only ruling the fashion industry but they have also excelled in technical things. One of the great example is Arti Singh. She started her own venture for designing and developing websites.


5. Name- Neeta Verma

   Owns- Rentoys

   Category- Toys Rental Portal


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Rentoys is India’s first online portal for getting toys on rent. You can get toys for children upto 6 years of age. When Neeta’s own child was 1 year old and she found that the toys are very costly, she decided to solve this problem. In collaboration with her husband she started to support parents who want to get affordable yet branded toys for their kids.


6. Name- Ranjeeta Vinil

   Owns- Saarathi Cares

   Category- Healthcare


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If you are lacking inspiration in your life then Ranjeeta can be your true inspiration. She had a tough journey from being a breast cancer patient to starting her own venture. Ranjeeta is a management graduate with a B. Pharma and has 18+ years of experience in the domain of Patient Relationship.


7. Name- Subhashini Subramaniam

   Owns- BabyBerry App

   Category- Parenting


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Subhashini holds a degree in Instrumentation Engineering and Masters in Chemistry from Bits Pilani. Before launching this App, because of her busy schedule she was not able to monitor her children’s health and wellness. So she launched this App for the busy parents like her to take care of their children properly.


8. Name- Anshu Agrawal

   Owns- Call my doctor anytime

   Category- Medical & Healthcare Services


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Call my doctor provides you the service of Ambulance, Testing Lab, Doctors and Medicines just on one call. Also you can choose doctors from all three categories Homeopathic, Allopathic and Ayurvedic. The startup is now at initial stage and the app for download is available now.


9. Name- Atraeyee Niharchandra

   Owns- ReviseDiet

   Category- Fitness


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In 2 years, Atraeyee helped 200+ people to lose weight. She is charging Rs.1200 per month and working across the country for men, women and children. She started her Entrepreneur journey with her father’s venture at the age of 17. Her life has been really tough. She met with an accident and tore one of her ligaments but it didn’t demotivated her, in fact she became a fitness freak!


10. Name- Aarti Bindra

      Owns- Faculty-Inspiring Talent

      Category- Educational


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Aarti belives that children should be taught in an interactive manner and therefore she is working to make the learning experience better. She is also making Apps for Kids and Parents.



We hope you got much inspiration on this Mother’s Day and as we all know it’s never too late to start! So step up and create your own magic ūüôā

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