Dance Under The Moonlit Sky @ MoonLIIT Festival In Delhi This February!

MoonLIIT Festival

MoonLIIT Festival in Delhi is going to be one of the biggest festivals of 2017! The entire concept is to bring the best in culinary, fashion & comedy industries under one stage! Don’t let the name fool you though, LIIT is just there to make things interesting! Kidding bruh! Who knows, maybe there will be alcohol to set the mood for a long evening with that long awaited date of yours!

30 Second Window:

  • MoonLIIT is the brainchild of The Kabir, an orgnisation that aims to brings to cities everything that they love & nothing they dislike.
  • What’s that? Food, Live Music, Fashion Street & the best names from across the board! Which reminds us, Rannvijay Singh Singha will be performing at the festival!
  • With over 12 Hours of Non- Stop Music, Food & Fashion flea, the fest promises to drive you nuts (in a good way) with unlimited MUSIC.
  • And the best part? Cities best names in the culinary business are coming over to fill up them tummies with lip smacking goodies! So, test your palate, take the challenge & have fun mon ami!

MoonLIIT Festival

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DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you give your palate a trip round the culinary world.
  • You depart on a trip with the ‘planet caravan’ as you sail through the universe of music with many a known DJ & singer coming for the festival!
  • That you give your shopper a vacation at the festival since, every big name in the fashion street will be setting up shop at the flea market!

So, need we say more eh? Don’t forget to check out their Facebook event page for information & constant updates!

When: 11th February

Where: JLN Stadium

Timings: 11th Feb 11:00 am – 12th Feb 10:00 pm

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