MUJI, Japan’s One Stop Shopping Store, Is Opening Soon In Delhi!


Its been almost a year since it was announced that MUJI has plans to open its store in Delhi. What we didn’t expect at the time or possibly didn’t realise was how big the company – as a brand – is. Perhaps ‘reading on’ will make it clear what they’re about. How their business has grown & why you should visit the ‘soon to open’ store!

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MUJI was founded in Japan in the 1980’s with a single norm that has become the hallmark of the company. The company, strictly, believes in the no-labels, no-frills ethos. Since its inception the belief in creating a brand without the hype & class effect, has become a tradition today. Simply put, MUJI in Japanese means ‘no-brand quality goods’.

So, Here’s The Story In All Its Glory…

MUJI For Thought:

The Company is based on three core principles, which remains unchanged to date:

  • Selection of materials
  • Streamlining of processes
  • Simplification of packages

Get Your Mojo On:

  • MUJI products are born from an extremely rational manufacturing process with an eye to create, low cost, good quality products.
  • In fact, sources say they use unbleached pulp to create a light beige-ish coloured paper for all its packaging & labels. Simplicity & emptiness yield the ultimate universality, embracing the feelings & thoughts of all people.
  • The ensuing products turn out remarkably fresh & pure. In contrast to other ‘brands’ & their over-embellished products, MUJI’s products won appreciation & accolades across the world.

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Their tagline for all customers?

“Don’t say, I really want this. Just say, this will do”

And while many might not agree with MUJI, their (unchanged) goal remains –  ‘sweep away that slight dissatisfaction & raise the level of response ‘this will do’ to one filled with clarity & confidence.

With more than 700 stores across the world, carrying more than 7,000 of their products from clothing to household goods & even food! MUJI is fast becoming ‘THE BRAND’ to go to!

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