Delhi Metro Is Toning Down Excessive Announcements. SO Needed This!

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Starting Monday, the number of audio announcements inside trains on Magenta Line of the Delhi Metro will be reduced on trial basis as the move is aimed at giving relief to commuters. It will be done for 3 months and the announcements would reduce to just ‘seven’. That’s like so relieving!

What’s Changing?

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Currently, 34 audio and video announcements are made in the Delhi metro magenta line. The DMRC has decided to reduce audio announcements about commuters sitting on the floor, suspicious articles etc. – to “only seven” on trial basis for three months from Monday.¬†However, mandatory announcements about “next station, door-opening side, destination station, and terminal station” will continue as usual in both audio and video formats inside the trains.

And There’s More

The measure will reduce the number of audio announcements inside the train but information will be available on video displays.¬†Commuters say some of the “excessive announcements” can be done away with because now people are largely familiar with the Delhi Metro. Based on the feedback received, DMRC will decide whether to continue this measure and introduce it on Pink Line – Majlis Park to Shiv Vihar after three months.


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