Cutesy Ambience, One Big Fat Burger & Everything You Need For The Perfect Sunday Brunch!

Nukkad Wala

Remember the good old days when street food was all we ate? Well, Nukkad Wala is the epitome of street food made easy for every one. Their menu of decadent intercontinental street food is the perfect setting for all those who wish to spend that afternoon grub in style.

30 Second Window:

  • Nukkad Wala has a decadent menu of intercontinental food but it’s their street food that takes the cake! The ambience of the shop is bound to remind you of the old days – comics, legendary musicians, street art & walls full of graffiti. And of course, the real deal..the many countless faces we see on the streets who inspired the little street food menu.
  • Their menu..well that is something to look out for while visiting the shop. Their street food menu? God, its deliciously good. Imagine chicken pakodas in cone..imagine piping hot chicken pakodas with some pudina ka chutney! All that with some piping hot cup of tea or coffee.
  • You can also order their chicken burger, which might seem a little dry at first but believe me, when you take that first’s like heaven on earth! And if that wasn’t enough their menu full of Nashta, Jhatpat, Chattar Pattar & Canteen Burgers’ vala cuisines will take you for a trip on a rocketship!

Nukkad Walla

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • You try out their Katra Samosa, Samosa Pav, Mumbaiyaa Bhajiya, Lagan Nu Custard, Keema Samosa & what not!
  • Also, don’t miss out on their Meerut Shikanji, Konkan Sol Kadi, Lassi Papaya & Pineapple along guessed it masala chai!

So, head on to Nukkad Wala for some decadent food & drinks that will remind you of that road trip you went for last year! Because let’s face it..If anything…we’re a desi bunch of dilliwalas. And if there’s anything we know, it is eating street food like there’s no tomorrow!

Where: PVR Saket

Price For Two: INR 300 (approximately)

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