OddBird Theatre & Foundation is hosting a story about love and dreams

A story about love, dreams and imaginary borders at the confluence of multiple realities.

In the guise of an interrogation by the home office into the validity of a claim to love, an Indian and a German recount an improbable journey that traces geographical leaps and bounds, technological trajectories and artistic shifts that began fifteen years ago, across the universe.

Using a chronologically ordered display of artefacts, memorabilia and digital traces from their shared past as starting points into their private and public lives, the pair recount their meanderings in narrative verse and music.

An experimental record of a reconstituted/remembered past, the performance lecture challenges our common understanding of fact and fiction. It questions the authority of the narratives that sustain the fragile lines between the real and the imaginary, between countries and people.

Come one, Come all!


Where: OddBird Theatre & Foundation

When: 8th & 11th February 2017


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