Stuff Your Mouth With This Oh-So-Cheesy Desi Pizza In Town!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

If you’re heart beats for that Italian savory filled with veggies and Cheese, then here’s a call for y’all. Did we just mention Pizza? Well, dilli waalo, can you resist saadi dilli ke flavors, especially when it comes to that cheesy heaven of Palate! If you think like we think, then we force you to visit Pizza Wheels in Ramesh Nagar rn.

pizza on wheels

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What To Expect?

Nestled in Ramesh Nagar, Pizza On Wheels is the top pick of the regulars. Have you ever made pizza at home in your childhood? Well, this pizza seems similar to the former, only the difference being loads and loads of cheese and their amah-zing zesty pizza sauce. Droolin’?

What You’ll Love?

This Pizza junction hasn’t only mastered the skills in Pizza, but they also serve lip-smacking Pasta. You’ll ditch your branded Pizza and Pasta stores if you’ll taste their flavors. The regulars swear by Country Special Pizza, and Mix Sauce Pasta.

mix sauce pasta

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Bottom Line

Let the flavors of Pizza wheels submerged inside your heart.

Where | Sharda Puri, Ramesh Nagar, New Delhi

Price | ₹200 for two people

Location | Here

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