#BhookLagiHai: The ‘Palate Festival’ Is Coming Back To Delhi!

Palate Festival

Huge shout out to all the foodies in town. Palate Festival is coming back in February for another stellar round of khana, peena, daaru, shaaru & pardaay!! So, if you think that the party fever of 2017 has only just started, you couldn’t be any right-er. The food festival, know for bringing the names in the culinary industry of India, is going to be better & bigger this year round!

30 Second Window:

  • Palate Festival is one of India’s best culinary events, bringing under one roof the best brands in the culinary industry. Guests will get the chance to enjoy cookery classes or workshops.
  • Or eat decadent food in the pop-up restaurant areas & get an insight into the latest fine- dining trends. So, even if your stomach fill up, don’t worry, there will be enough food at the fest to keep you drooling for weeks!
  • Besides, you can expect some of the best restaurants in & around Delhi under one roof. Guests can also enjoy some fine wines & spirits. So, if the party fever doesn’t let you stop tapping your feet, just go eat more & enjoy. ‘Cause Palate Festival is all about having fun with food & drinks!

Palate Festival

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DforDelhi Recommends:

  • A must visit to Dilli’s sweet homes, Amici Cafe & Asian Haus (also coming to the event will be Sushi Haus) at the event for some Italian & pan Asian meals!
  • That you head to the festival no matter what! And save some money for that long holiday abroad & go for a culinary trip round the world in just 3 days!

When: 10th – 12th February

Where: Nehru Park

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