Pay as you like Cafés in New Delhi

The capital of India is a very diverse one. The city has people living from all over the country and for obvious reasons. It lives and breathes the Indian culture blended with the modern outlook of the crowd towards their lifestyle and living. Keeping up with their diversity, Delhi has a variety of cafés which caters to every type of crowd. From cafés which fancies live music, to the ones which radiates comfort and cosy, they have it all covered. One very peculiar genre of café where every delhites will be eager to visit is the one where they can leave their wallets at home. Continuing on that note, here are some of the top cafés in New Delhi where you just pay as you like!

1.Mayday Bookstore and Café:

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Mayday café is an absolute paradise for the book lover in you. The café was originally a place where the theatre group, Jana NatyaManch would practise. The best thing about the café is its ambience and the vast variety of books. It transcends a very peaceful vibe allowing one to completely lose track of time while indulging in hours of reading. The staff is very amiable and accommodating. They often assist the readers in finding their choice of book and if you ask for a cup of coffee or tea, they gladly oblige to it.
Mayday café usually only offers beverages and cakes on regular days, but on the 3rd sunday of every month, they arrange a themed brunch. The café has its own philosophy about prices as you can pay as much as you like, but the suggested contribution is about 200 rupees per head.
Located at:  ShadiKhampur, West Patel Nagar.

2.Kunzum Café:

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Kunzum café is a space which inspires and resonates the traveller in you. One of the most popular travel cafes, It is one of those places where you can meet fellow travellers, make travel plans, have interactive discussions with travellers, photographers, writers or you might even meet your next travel soulmate. The ambience is very artistic, consisting of heaps of good travel books, beautiful paintings and amazing photographs. They offer a range of teas such as ginger tea, lemon tea, Assam tea and many more with their assorted selection of cookies. The café does not ask for any contribution in return for providing such an addictive environment but simply ask for the next story you will bring in.
Located at: Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi.

3. Fursat se Café:

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A cultural café by nature, Fursat se café signifies its name completely for its laid back style. The café is pretty spacious with two big rooms and the environment is incredibly colourful as you stumbled upon the energy in the entrance as the noticeboard depicts the numerous events. It arranges a lot of lively events, like slam poetry sessions, stand comedy, theatre workshop and beautiful photography workshops. Though it’s not a conventional cafe, the amiable people at Fursat Se do make it a special one. They offer tea/coffee with biscuits on request and you can pay, as you like. In fact, the best part is that you can order food from any nearby café or restaurant and get it delivered at Fursat Se. Fursat se is one of those places where your creative energy gets shared with like-minded people and ends up brimming with pure awesome.

Located at: Dada Jhangi house, Shahpurjat.


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