Pebble_Street @ Connaught Place.


Pebble Street has been serving patrons at 2 locations. @New Friends Colony-since October,1998 and @Connaught Place-since October,2014. This outlet is located on the first floor at 61-62, N Block, Outer Circle, Connaught Place. Pebble Street introduced the trend of watching sports at the restro’s in Delhi. Combined with live band performances and in-house DJ’s, the venue is never short in terms of entertainment.



The ambiance is fantastic. The lighting around is just perfect for you to see the food served on your plate. The place is portrayed in the form of a street, displayed with the instinct of an European feeling.


This place serves the best of the Continental, Italian, Asian and Indian delicacies. I was delighted to see the quick management of the staff. They turned the table placed in front of us into a table of treats in a couple of minutes. Have a look by yourself:





We got to try out some of their amazing starter’s. These included : Grilled Prawns (Grilled prawns wrapped with bacon)Chicken Wings (Juicy wings, served with spicy garlic flavored barbecue dip), Mayo Pollo (Crispy fried chicken, glazed with mayonnaise), Classic Pepperoni Pizza (Mozzarella, pepperoni, olive oil & oregano), Brochette Platter (Slices of garlic bread, topped with chopped onion and tomato), Olive Tapenade Crostini (Toasted garlic bread topped with chopped olives), Jalapeno Poppers (Crumb-fried jalapenos, stuffed with cheese), Nachos with Tri Dip (Crispy corn tortilla chips served with sour cream, salsa & guacamole) and Vietnamese Chicken (Grilled chicken, seasoned in Vietnamese spices, served with lemon and sea salt).





Next we ordered a Fusilli Con Pollo (Twisted pasta with chicken, cooked in a creamy cheese sauce), a Spaghetti Bolognaise (cooked in minced meat sauce), a non-veg platter and a Veg Caesar Salad (Iceberg lettuce mixed with mayonnaise, homed pimentos, garnished with Parmesan).

**The Caesar Salad and the Fusilli Con Pollo pasta need a little improvisation as per me.**




You can order a variety from their vast menu for the Deserts. The Desert Platter is a must order as it has all the Desserts in good proportion on one platter. The Tiramisu, Cheese cake, Ice Cream sundae, Chocolate Brownie etc.




Enter this place and you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off the extravagant bar. The prices of alcoholic drinks are economical. From the huge variety of drinks available, we ordered a Kala-Khatta that gave a masaledaar punch to our food and a concocted drink named Death by Chocolate which contained Vodka, Kahlua, Baileys, Chocolate syrup, Chocolate ice cream(“CHOCOLATE , say no more”). If you are a person who loves Margarita’s, then this is the place you should visit ASAP.



Our pick would be the Chicken wings, served with the spicy garlic flavored barbecue dip and the Vietnamese chicken, served with sea salt and lemon from the food section. The Ultimate Dessert Sampler which is a combination platter of Deserted Wonder, Apple Nut Pudding Blueberry Creme Pie and Tiramisu in the deserts. And Death by Chocolate drink from the beverages.


Overall, my lunch at The Pebble Street was an experience in itself. A little whetting over the main course food and their service would make this place become one of the best restro-bars in Delhi. So, if you are looking for a place to chill out with your friends while watching a game of cricket/football and enjoying good food, well you now know where to head on to!

Price for two: Rs. 1,800(approx.)(inc. alcohol).


Food- 3.5/5

Beverages- 4/5

Service- 3.5/5

Ambiance 4.5/5

Value for Money- 4/5

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