8 Places In Connaught Place To Hog Under Rs.100

We all know the struggle of surviving those last couple of days of the month aka the month-end. A distressing song to hear altogether, the tussle between your taste-buds and your pocket doesn’t always end on a high note. Be it a little hang-out with your friends during that time or just a meal that you are trying to catch, the month-end becomes a difficult time to pass through without getting your pocket scraped. However, Delhi has never disappointed us. Especially the hub of all activities, Connaught Place.

So, we bring to you the most pocket-friendly options in Lutyens’ own city; places, where you can have your fill in just a meagre 100 bucks. We’re sure your belly’s gonna smile and murmur a thanks.


  1. Depaul’s

Connaught Place


One of the most pocket-friendly options when it comes to eating something delectable, yet cheap. Depaul’s has been around for quite some time now, more than half a century we reckon. Located right next to the Janpath flea market, Depaul’s sells, by far the best chicken momos and cold coffee in the city. A cold coffee and a plate of hot chicken momos would fill you up in less than 100 bucks!


  1. Shake Square

Connaught Place


Many people confuse this little shack for Keventers, which it is not. You’ll find this rustic hovel just beside the doors of Wengers bakery. Shake square sells the most amazing shakes in uber chic, giant milk bottles, you are coerced to feel full in your stomach with the burgeoning amount of shake in one bottle. Pick chocolate, we say! Apart from shakes, they do these drool-worthy garlic breads and other snacks. Club one of these with a shake and you’re good to go in 100 bucks!


  1. South Indian food centre behind Jantar Mantar



Not many people know about this little South indian food truck just right to the Jantar Mantar lane where protests take place. This place has been selling cheap, yet impeccable south Indian to office-goers for more than 50 decades now. All their meals are served with to-die-for Sambhar and coconut chutney, all under 100 bucks.


  1. Coffee Home



One of the oldest places in Connaught place selling South Indian and other snack items, this place is popular among the office crowd, who drop in for a quick lunch or a bite with their traditional filter coffee. Grab any of their south Indian variants with their special cold coffee in just a 100 bucks.


  1. Kachori’s outside Coffee Home



As you slip into the exit from Connaught Place towards State Emporiums, you’ll find Mohan Singh Place, right next to Kali Mandir; outside which, sits this Pyaaz Kachori waala, selling the most crispy kachori’s with all-you-want Aaloo ki sabzi, the whole deal in just 30 bucks!


  1. Chaat at Bangla Sweet House



Located at the heart of CP at BKS marg, you can easily gobble those gol gappa’s and that utterly crisp tikki here to satiate that craving in less than a 100 bucks for sure.


  1. Sandoz



Another hidden gem at BKS marg is Sandoz, a take-away selling melt in your mouth kebabs, biryani’s and Mughlai curries. The chicken seekh kebab, all for 90 bucks will transfer you to heaven.


  1. Wengers



Head to Wengers to satiate the sugar craving in the month-end. Their chocolate torte is JUST delicious (yes, under 100 bucks) and an assortment of exotic chocolates would fill both your craving and budget.

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