Pool Rides May Not Be Allowed In Delhi Under The New Cab Policy

If you use Uber pool or Ola Share or any other car-pool services for your daily commute, then this news might just come as a shocker to you. In a meeting held between high-powered members of the Delhi government, a new cab policy was being discussed under the City Taxi Scheme 2017.

New Cab Policy- An end to cab pooling services?

  • According to the discussion meeting, pool rides or cab sharing might not be allowed in Delhi.
  • Cabs operating under app-based aggregator platforms might need to share real-time GPS information with Delhi’s transport department.
  • Although there was no further action taken, the matter seems to hang in the air, causing many cab commuters in Delhi to anticipate the next word.

What do you think of this? Well, nothing can be said until the next meeting.

Although, let’s hope they don’t completely do away with the cab-sharing services. Otherwise, one can only imagine the increase in traffic flow in the roads as well as who would want to spend so much on solo cab rides?

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