Now Take Prepaid Autos From This Metro Station & Save Yourself The Hassle!

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If you’re a daily auto commuter, you’ll vouch for the fact that it’s a task to haggle with autowaalas every day! But don’t you worry, now our lives may be made easier. Read on! As a part of a pilot project, the authorities have introduced regulated prepaid autos at Nehru Place Metro Station.

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The project is being run on trial-basis as of now. The authorities will record responses of the public and auto drivers and then make further decisions about its implementation. The main reason behind this plan is to curb the swindling done by auto drivers as commuters often complain of sky-rocketing money charged by them.

The Delhi Police will look after its implementation, which makes the project more credible and reliable. Also, Nehru Place Metro Station has been strategically chosen as a location to test this idea because it sees a lot of footfall every day as it houses many offices and popular complexes.

So, now get out of the metro, take your prepaid ride and don’t worry about negotiating prices!

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