Drop by This Bakery And Relish The Most Favored Red Velvet Cheese Pastry

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Pastries and Cakes are the ultimate stress busters, no? The special Red Velvet Cheese Pastry of this baker’s shop in Pitampura will satiate your taste buds and uplift your mood fo’sho. Cravin’ already? Head to Puri Bakers now!


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What To Expect?

Puri Bakers dish up amah-zing pastries, cakes, cheese cakes, puddings, special pastries, rolls and a lot more. It’s red velvet cheese pastry is the ultimate cheesy pastry you defo’ should try. It has an authentic essence with absolutely drool worthy presentation.

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What You’ll Love?

The utterly cheesy pastry kinda exotic cake-pastry will be a treat to your taste buds as the essence of red velvet accompanied with cheese enhances the taste and the flavor of this special pastry. Must try!

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Bottom Line

Got a sweet tooth? Gobble up this absolutely yummy- nummy pastry !

Where | Pitampura, New Delhi

Price for Two | ₹400

Location | Here 

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