If You’re Really “Dilli Se Hun BC”, You Know Sarojini Nagar Market Is Shopping Without Crying!

Sarojini Nagar Market

It’s one of Delhi’s biggest & most important markets. A destination for every girl – Sarojini Nagar Market is Delhi’s most famous and best known Flea Market. From stylish clothes to designer bags to fashionable jewelry, Sarojini Nagar never disappoints. The market is known for export excess goods which are branded and yet cost a lot less than the showroom price. 

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30 Second Window:

  • The nearest metro station to Sarojini Nagar Market is the INA metro station from which shared autos can be hired for Rs.10 per person.
  • It is literally fashion paradise for ALL THE GIRLS IN TOWN! People specially come to SN Market to shop.
  • Sarojini Nagar Market opens up around 11 A.M. and is bustling till 8 or 9 P.M. For those who cannot bear the crowd, the day-time shopping experience can be stress-free and enjoyable.
  • The newly made mall has multi-level parking which is completely hassle free, also there is NDMC parking.
  • All you need to do is put on some comfy shoes, get ready to bargain and shop like it’s rock ‘n’ roll!

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If you are a Delhiite, I am sure you must have visited this market or else at least must have heard your friends boasting about their cool finds from Sarojini at throw away prices. Yes, you can jump to that market anytime and you will find clothes, shoes, bags, every thing you can imagine. Shopping there is not an easy task.

Tips To Take Care!
  • First and foremost, keep Patience! It is very important to keep patience as you will see lots of people strolling in the search of clothes, shoes, bags, or whatever.
  • Carry cash more and keep it safe with you as in most of the shops it’s all about cash.
  • The best time to visit Sarojini Nagar Market is on Wednesday since they have new stock to display.
  • Check the size of the clothes properly before you buy as the market have very less trial rooms.
  • The vendors give you your purchases in super thin plastic bags which tear within minutes. So carry a backpack or a tote bag or a couple of bags to store your purchases in.
  • Dress comfortably and carry water bottle with you in summers to beat the heat.
  • Cool off the day at the DLF South Square Mall which is right next to the market!
  • Sarojini shopping has no fixed price. Bargain to get a fair quote even if the guy is selling “fixed price”. Don’t fall for that!

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Buy what? 
  • Shopaholics will certainly have a great time exploring different types of amazing items according to their penchant and need.
  • You can easily buy denim shirts, jackets, dresses for 130-200 (also at higher prices) – but you can surely bargain as much as you can.
  • Check out funky clothes, bags, shoes and other accessories depending upon the season.
  • There you will see clothes on racks, hangers, shops – you can easily swing in and buy whatever you like. Tank tops, accessories, shoes, heels, fringed earrings, chunky belts, hand-bags, tote bags, clutches, purses, short skirts, long skirts, pants, culottes, pajamas, shorts, etc.
  • You will be able to get almost every brand in the bazaar. Cotton County, TNG, Provogue, Nike, Adidas, LG, Samsung, John Players, Burberry, Zara, Mango, Diesel and more, at 1/4th the price are some of the brands that can be explored here.
  • Will get traditional, modern, bridal and other types of clothes in the market throughout the year.
  • Shrugs, vests, camisoles, stockings – you name the color and they have it. This market has a huge range of accessories like jewelry, scarves, hair pins and awesome sling bags and clutches which are available at reasonable prices so that you can buy as many as you want to mix and match with your outfits.

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Eat what? 
  • Shopping can be a tiring experience. Hence, the Sarojini Nagar Market offers you a variety of food and drink options to keep you going.
  • Shyam Chaat Stall earned more popularity after the 2005 terrorist attacks. The shop has amazing chaat and golgappas(Panipuri) which refresh you during your shopping spree.
  • Khatta-Meetha is a good eatery to enjoy some delicious snacks.
  • Amar Jyoti Restaurant offers a great menu at reasonable prices and is specially recommended to non-vegetarians.
  • Rollmaal has great food experience by offering highly palatable food.
  • Rang De Basanti is a famous eatery there and if you’re a hardcore Punjabi like me, try this restaurant. Always jam-packed, tho!

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Other Surprises in SN!

Babu Market: You will see people lining up for the delicious samosas and jalebis and also various other titillating food items. Babu market has many clothes shops and also a watch repair shop (which is a dying trade).

Sabzi Market: The vegetable market (Sabzi bazaar) has a huge variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. Many shoppers who come to Sarojini Nagar Market for some weekend shopping end up buying the vegetables.

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DforDelhi Recommends: 

  • Take a trip to Sarojini Nagar Market to have fun bargaining and to interest your senses with the amazing and vibrant experience. We hope you like this post and get more interest in visiting this place.

So, what are you waiting for? Get going to Sarojini Nagar Market & shop till you drop!

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