Dilli, Gear Up For The Navratra Food Festival Starting Today At Select Citywalk!

Dilli, The Navratra Food Festival is finally here & we can’t wait to tell you what all the fest has in store for you. Hosted by Sattvik in Select Citywalk, the food festival is a bomb of flavours from all around the country moulded to tease your taste buds in ways you never imagined possible! And that’s not all. For just ₹595 you can enjoy an entire meal full of best veggie delights meals you have ever feasted upon!

30 Second Window:

  • Sattvik is a fine dining vegetarian restaurant set apart by relaxing ambience and delectable cuisine. The restaurant serves food which is prepared with simplicity to give a homemade and Sattvik touch.
  • The Navratra Food Festival has already started & the best part is that it will last as long as Navratra itself. Which means that if you feel hungry, Sattvik is the place to hit for all your grub needs!
  • So, while you’re boiling in your own juices, here are a few good godly yummy meals peeps at Sattvik have in store for you. From Sakarkkandi ki Seekh, Jimi Kand ki Tikki to Pudina Wale Aloo, Gud Makhana & Saboodana ki Kheer, these guys have it all!
  • By the way, food reminded us of one important piece of advise. Sattvik has one of the finest looking restaurant ambience in Delhi. With a brightly lit atmosphere & tastefully curated seating arrangements the environment around you will surely add to the celebrations of Navratri.


DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you head to Sattvik as soon as possible with your family, ‘mitron’ & that long awaited date!

In the meanwhile, check out their Facebook page for more information & updates!

Where: Sattvik, Second Floor, Select Citywalk

Price: ₹595

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