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We at DforDelhi came across this great new startup, SkillmateAnd we thought of sharing the details & working of the application with you.

Skillmate is an application/website that helps you connect with people who can teach you skills that differ from drumming, singing, cooking & only you know what not! The sky is the limit when it comes to connecting with people, & the application gives you access to people willing to teach various skills.

If learning new skills was as easy as 1..2..3 everyone would learn it online. But we are all different, with different skills & different approaches to learning new skills. While it’s not easy to get the perfect teacher due to location & demographic barriers like gender or age, Skillmate makes things easy. Just like a..b..c..d. So, even though we live in a world that stays connected 24/7, users can stay connected to all the different skill(mates) in town.

A Skillmate Story:

Kabir, one of our long time friends introduced us to Skillmate when he realised how boring winter breaks can be. One of his dreams (like many of us) was to learn to play the guitar. But Kabir – coming from humble background -felt that joining an institute would be a huge financial burden to his family. And that’s where Skillmate helped him!

Skillmate provided him with all the relevant data that he could possibly need to connect with people. The listings provided him with the names, data & packages of different people willing to give guitar lessons in their own free time.

And guess what? Kabir, today, knows two things: 1) how to play the guitar & 2) Skillmate is the best application to connect with teachers who were well within his monetary budget.

We can’t wait to use the application to learn some skills too, can you?

The application helps you by using:

skillmatenewThe working of the application looks even simpler & here are a few creatives to get you started –



Now, all you have to do is:


Skills For Thought:

  • People can apply to teach or learn various skills using the Skillmate application. Also, users can search for partners to cycle around with, or play badminton with. Howzat?
  • Users who wish to teach can quote their hourly charges. And those who wish to learn skills can mention their budget as well, thereby keeping things simple for both users of the application.

Some Extra Skill(ful) Incentive:

  • Skillmate is the only application that allows users to connect with the people they want to. How? Well if a girl wishes to go cycling with a lady partner, where will she find her? Only on Skillmate! The application centres around connecting people with the kind of people they wish to partner with. Now that’s a skill only Skillmate has!
  • Similarly, Skillmate also allows users to connect with someone of/around the same age as themselves. How does that work? We all remember our master ji days, but times have changed. Students prefer studying from someone who thinks, moves & teaches in a way that makes learning easy & fun. Skillmate helps to do just that, by giving the users a roster of names that differ by age & education!
  • People can register on Skillmate for free, making the application a one of a kind platform for people to offer their services for a fee they are comfortable with. But, not to worry, since Skillmate also provides names of people that charge a nominal fee for their services.
  • So, whether you wish to learn or teach or even require a partner for tennis; Skillmate provides names of all those people who are just as interested in connecting with you as you are with them!

So, sit back, relax & hold on to Skillmate!

Android users can download the application: Here

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