South Delhi’s Dried Up Lake-Satpula To Revamp Soon!

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The Satpula, or the seven-arched bridge, located near Khirki Masjid acted as a dam or a weir, when constructed around the mid 1300s. This lake could get the new lease of life, with no objection certificate being issued to Delhi Jal Board (DJB), to revive it.

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This project encounters various difficulties to be faced by the authorities as construction around an archaeological site and green belt area pose great challenges. A Jal Board official added that recharging groundwater is the whole purpose of rejuvenation. The officials stated further that the water entering the lake would be treated with a hybrid STP that is eco-friendly. It will remove all solid material, fine particles and purify it with a tertiary-level treatment such as a carbon filter.

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The entire project is expected to get completed in eight months!

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