Starbucks Now On Yamuna Expressway

Starbucks now on Yamuna Expressway

All the coffee lovers, out there! Guess who is here to make your mornings better?

Starbucks now on Yamuna Expressway
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Starbucks opens its sixth outlet on the Yamuna Expressway. So anyone planning a road trip to Agra, or has to travel to Greater Noida every day via the expressway, or someone simply looking for a long drive and hot coffee, you know the place to hit.

The place is open from 7 am to 10 pm, making it perfect for your morning fixes as well as midnight cravings. Open throughout the week, this outlet at Taste Express looks a bit different than all the other Starbucks outlets.

So be it a Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino, or a steaming cuppa of Vanilla Latte, this new Starbucks is sure to fulfill all our caffeine needs this winter.

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