TandooriNews: Tandoors To Be Banned By SDMC!

Tandoori Chicken

Huge shout out to all tandoori chicken lovers! We have some sad ‘tandoori night’ news for you! *Sniff* *Sniff*

Tandoori chicken without tandoor is like pubs without drinks! South Delhi Municipal Corporation has been trying to push forward a directive that will spoil your tandoori nights’ plans! So, big thanks to all those people who mercilessly burst crackers this Diwali. Thanks to you the SDMC has plans on scrapping the use of tandoors!! Why? Well a study showed that particulate matters of the smoke from tandoors is similar to leaf burning. Thus, creating more health problems than we previously imagined!


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South Delhi has a long line of hotels & restaurants that use coal ovens for brisk business. But with the major rise in air pollution, banning the tandoors seems like a desperate move!

So, we would suggest that you plan your next tandoori nights ASAP, as the SDMC might not allow the use of tandoors in the coming few weeks!

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