Get, Set, Chug! The Beer Cafe Is Offering 2 Beers On the House Every Tuesday!

The Beer Cafe

A happy Tuesday for all the men out there who love chugging beer! The Beer Cafe is here to save ya’ll! You might be tired of reading about the ongoing offers for women. But don’t feel disappointed because today we have good news for all the gentlemen. The Beer Cafe is offering 2 drinks on the house to all the men every Tuesday! And an additional discount on the bill according to where you stand on the beard-o-meter!

3o Second Window:

  • The Beer Cafe is situated in Delhi and is one of the most famous spots for all the beer lovers who love drinking more than anything else.
  • Every Tuesday The Beer Cafe will be offering 2 free drinks to the men chilling out at this cafe and along with that an additional discount to turn your Tuesday into a Happy Tuesday!

The Beer Cafe

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • Now that you know all about this mind blowing deal, mark your calendar and head towards The Beer Cafe to enjoy two beers on the house. *Whoot Whoot*!
You can check out their Facebook page for more information here.
Sneak Peak | Shop No.306, 2nd Floor, DLF Place, Press Enclave Marg
Phone | 011 4748 0726
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