Eat, Pray, Pastas! Head To The Big Chill Cafe For Some Pasta Love!

The Big Chill Cafe

The Big Chill Cafe lives up to its name in terms of food & ample seating space. In short, the Big Chill Cafe is a gift to mankind. One simply can not be satisfied by visiting this cafe only once, you have to go back, again and again, and again.

The cafe has a beautiful bare brick rustic appeal, topped by classic movie posters and with a finishing touch of welcoming attendants. The food served at The Big Chill Cafe makes you drool when presented in the menu.

30 Second Window:

The Cafe has an array of palatable items to pick from, and here are our favourite picks:

  • Spaghetti Puttanesca

This pasta is my personal favorite, my pick, throughout the year. The perfect plate of spaghetti pasta in red sauce, and garnished with olives.

  • Penne Vodka Pasta

If slurping the pasta is not what you desire, then opt for this penne(d) plate of happiness. Penne Vodka Pasta has the creamiest sauce with a hint of vodka, just to give it some added flavor.

  • Chicken Ravioli in Creamy Parmesan

Chunks of chicken bursting in your mouth with super smooth cream sauce. It surely sounds like a party in your mouth. This tummy filling dish seems like a complete meal in itself.

  • Fresh Brewed Lemon Iced Tea

Moving away from the world of tins and cans, The Big Chill Cafe brews fresh lemon flavored iced tea for its patrons. So, every time you feel the heat is taking a toll on you, order a pitcher of this life savior.

  • Banoffee Pie

Banoffee Pie is a hot selling item at the cafe. A crunchy yet crumbly layer coated with a yummy mix of banana and toffee and finished with cream. Enough said, right?

  • Chocolate Decadence

For the hardcore chocolate lovers, chocolate decadence is how you complete your meal at The Big Chill Cafe. A slice of the soft and squishy chocolate decadence is a little bit of heaven in itself.

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you also try out the other items in their menu. The Big Chill cafe is not restricted to only these tongue teasers. The shakes, the pizzas, the salads, every item on the menu is delectable.

So, head to your nearest The Big Chill Cafe now!

Price for two: INR 1,500

Where to find: Multiple outlets

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