Did You Know The Gig Week Is Coming Back To Delhi This December?

The Gig Week
The Gig Week is an annual music festival, showcasing a handful of the most exciting artists from different genres of music & sounds from across India & beyond. Over the course of the week long event, the festival will travel across the Capital to a new venue each night. This concept promises to keep the guests excited & in the dark about the ambience of the event all through the week. Thereby keeping a little secret that promises to enthrall the visiting guests, no matter how their day goes!
The driving thought behind the festival’s curation is to elevate the average night-about-town experience & expose the Delhi audience to some fresh music, presented by 21 fresh acts that vary in great degree.
Vocals For Thought:
  • The captivating live music experience along with the perfect ambience will cater to the varying audience with different musical tastes.
  • The acts scheduled to play at The Gig Week will include cutting-edge musicians who are presently crafting some brilliant sounds in the music industry.
  • A number of performing artists will also be launching some fresh material along with playing some ‘impromptu’ sounds, that will keep the guests on their feet at all times.
  • Along with established artists, The Gig Week will also be featuring some artists who will be playing in the Capital for the first time, thereby offering entirely fresh & compelling sounds for the Indie music fanatic in you!
About The Gig Week 6.0:
The Gig Week has been hosting the bubbling pot of various cultures & traditions of the population of Delhi since its inception in 2011. Now, the festival is returning to the city for its 6th Edition this December. Every night of The Gig Week 6.0 will bring a different flavor as part of the weeklong indie music takeover of the Capital.
When: 10th to 17th December, 2016
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