#NewInTown: Delhi Cocktail Week Is Hosting ‘The Most Innovative Bartender Cocktail Competition’ At QLA!

The Most Innovative Bartender Cocktail Competition

Delhi Cocktail Week is coming to town & they’re also hosting The Most Innovative Bartender Cocktail Competition during the week long event! Creating new & building upon existing cocktails is an art, so if at all you’re a cocktail aficionado this event is a must visit for you! The competition is all about creating the best cocktails & selling it in such a way that winning the competition will get you a place in Global Cocktail Competition!

30 Second Window:

  • The competition will take place on 7th February as part of the Delhi Cocktail Week at QLA in The Kila.
  • Rules are simple – whether you’re a bartender or an amateur cocktail maker, the competition is open to all! The event will see a series of innovative challenges in one of best cocktail bars in town.
  • The top 20 participants will get the chance to present their cocktails before the global celebrity mixologists guild. The entire will end with the announcement of a grand winner who will represent India in the next global cocktail competition.
  • Round 1 of the competition will see 20 participants competing against each other. Round 2 will have 10 shortlisted participants who will then compete to enter Round 3. 5 winners will be selected from the previous & sent to Round 3!

The Most Innovative Bartender Cocktail Competition

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DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That any & all bartenders or amateur mixers get their cocktails recipes set for the biggest cocktail making challenge in India!

The Most Innovative Bartender Cocktail Competition will be part of the Delhi Cocktail Week. The competition is in association with India Bartenders Guild – a group that aims to uplift the various mixers in town!

So, don’t just sit there, get that old recipe book out & get mixing! Check out the Facebook event page for more information. Register yourselves here, & remember registration closes on 31 st January!

When: 7th February

Where: QLA, The Kila, Qutb Minar

Timings: 09:30 am – 07:00 pm

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