The Wedding Trend That Delhi Needed : Air Purifiers!!

The Wedding Trend That Delhi Needed : Air Purifiers

The wedding season is here, and with every important detail that one needs to keep in mind while wedding planning, Delhi smog has added another necessity to the list, air purifiers!

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At the recent wedding reception of Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli and Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma, there was a high-profile guest list and air purifiers were used to ensure that Delhi’s toxic air couldn’t get in without an invitation!

Virushka isn’t the only couple whose wedding planner thought of this. Most of the five- or four-star hotels in Delhi-NCR are installing air purifiers in rooms and banquet halls to ensure that guests get clean air. They have even discontinued using diesel-powered generators following government directives.

In fact, some newlyweds took it a notch higher and shot their pre-wedding albums with the anti-pollution mask as an accessory. They have turned the smog and anti-pollution masks into artistic elements for their pre-wedding shoots. The capital’s poor air quality has also led wedding planners in Delhi-NCR to suggest preventive measures to their clients such as the distribution of anti-pollution masks to guests and installation of air purifiers at outdoor weddings.

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While some Delhiites have moved their outdoor wedding to an indoor venue, others are using fabric to cover up open-air venues and using air purifiers with various scents.

Few hotels like ITC Maurya has planned to put up a board displaying real-time air quality both inside and outside the hotel.

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