Top 10 Wedding Trends Of 2015

Weddings are getting more fascinating; 2015 seems to be an absolutely unusual year for weddings. The researchers have stated a list of pretty surprising & exciting trends. Here are some of the wedding trends of 2015 –


It turns about to be that 2015 is getting extremely glamorous in case of wedding trends. Glam wedding are considered to be the favorite form of wedding this year. The graceful brides with elegant grooms with magnificently executed décor are a great idea.



There is nothing better than laying more focus on beautiful flowers! If you are passionate flower lovers and looking for ways to make your wedding décor different, then absolute flower decoration is the answer for you! The beautiful and elegant flowers can add modishness and sophistication to your wedding!!


Grooms are more active

A noticeable thing about wedding 2015 is that grooms are now more involved and active about all the aspect related to wedding planning. It seems like the ladies can relax and let them take care of a few aspects, as they are great trend setters especially Delhi guys. This year, the grooms are likely to go for the mix & match theme for their wedding


Colors are Always in Fashion

Whether bride or groom, both are always excited to choose the right color for their”Big Day”. The 2015 trend includes bright colors that give a fabulous bold and confident look. The recent colorful palette is extremely popular and well appreciated


Stylish Brides

Brides love to wear stuff that is absolutely different and never worn before. So, if you see anything unusual this year in the form of patterns then don’t be surprised with the brand new trend of 2015


Cocktail Bars

Guests love fun Cocktail bar. Whether it’s a brandy or a customized cocktail bar it always adds an extra touch of fun to your celebration. It’s one of the most appreciated trends of 2015 weddings. Well yeah get drunk this wedding season.


Wedding Cakes

A celebration without cake cutting is always incomplete. The year 2015, brings back the traditional way of celebrating your memorable night by cutting beautiful wedding cakes together. It’s a romantic ceremony that everyone enjoys.


Hen Party in Fashion

 Girls are now more excited about their hen parties than ever. The hen parties 2015 will be more creative and fun. The brides get to enjoy creative activities and amazing stuffs that they shall never forget. This party is all about making the bride feel that she’s the queen of the world. The researchers say that it will more intense this year.

White is a great option

It’s not necessary to opt for the traditional colors. This year, the gorgeous white bride dresses and lenghas are more in demand than ever.

Small Gatherings

This year, more and more people seem to be impressed by the idea of small gathering that just includes family, relatives and important friends.


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