Top 5 Best Mehendi Walas In Delhi That You Must Hire For Your Wedding!

All brides want everything to be perfect on their big day! Be it their lehenga, jewellery, makeup, and of course their mehendi. Mehendi is a very important part of being an Indian bride. With an entire ceremony dedicated to it, it needs to be perfect. Right from Paisley designs, bride and groom, to the swirl pattern, you need the very best artist to implement that flawless mehndi design.

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Here is a list of Delhi’s most talented mehendi walas and where to find them!

 Raj Mehendi Artist

Located in Karol Bagh, this mehendi wala is extremely professional and has a quick hand. He specialises in Bridal designs, and can be pre-booked for guests as well. The best part, he is not just affordable, but at the same time easy on the pocket as well.

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Ajay Mehendi Wala

This Dwarka based mehendi artist is very sought after for his contemporary and asymmetrical designs. His designs are liked by all modern and traditional brides alike. If you are looking to do something new then this is your choice!

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Anuj Mehendi Art

This mehendi wala is known for his sheer brilliance. He specialises in Arabic and Indian designs and this is what makes most brides seek him. If there is any specific design that you need then too he is very patient and gives you hat you want. You can find him in Tilak Nagar.

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Kundan Mehendi

This Tagore Garden based artist is superb to work with and has plenty of designs to choose from. He customises each and every design, and can perfectly replicate any design shown to him by the customer.

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Imran Mehendi

This talented mehendi artist gives satisfying designs with minimal coverage! He specialised in single Mandala designs, and all the brides to be must visit his for their perfect wedding mehendi.

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With so much to think about before your wedding, here is one thing all sorted out for you.

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