You’re No Chocoholic if You Don’t Pig Out At The Top 6 Dessert Parlours In Satya Niketan

top 6 dessert parlours

Are you a chocolate lover? If yes, then you should certainly check out these top 6 dessert parlours in Satya Niketan that are to die for! A true chocolate lover of Delhi cannot miss out on these places at all and we guarantee you that you won’t mind gaining a little weight after visiting these places. Have a look.

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  • All the places listed below are one of the finest chocolate parlours in Satya Niketan and the best part about them is that none of these places are expensive. Now you can go out with your friends and give them a huge treat without spending a huge amount of money!
  • The ambience of these places are pleasurable and are suited for a family visit.
Chocolate Room

This place is definitely not meant for the faint hearted people. You will want to try each and everything on their expansive mouth watering menu and you will not be able to control yourself! From chocshakes and choctails and brownies to cakes, everything is available here.

Rosarte Chocolate

Rosarte Chocolate undoubtably has the best chocolates in town waiting just for you and every penny that you spend here is worth it. The Belgian bonbons with gue ganache on top with a soft milk Belgian chocolate base is a must try!

Frosty Rollies

Fulfil your chocolate needs with the ice cream rolls available just at Frosty Rollies in Satya Niketan. Once you visit this place, you’ll want to there everyday! A wide variety of flavours are on the menu along with several yummy toppings like Nutella, choco sprinklers and what not! What are you waiting for Nutella lovers?

Frozen Fantasy

Did you have a fight with your best friend? Are you confused regarding what to gift your girlfriend on her birthday? Worry not, head to Frozen Fantasy and get the most delicious cup cakes which won’t even cost you a lot. Customise a box full of your favourite flavours and take home the sweet package full of joy!

Chocolate Temptation

Chocolate temptation serves one of the best pastries in Delhi and they have almost 15 flavours available. Apart from that, they have such cool cakes like ombre cakes, rainbow cakes, etc. which you will rarely find anywhere else. If you ever want to satisfy your sweet tooth, this is the place for you.

Chocolate Square

Chocolate Square is the most famous place in Satya Niketan that is always high on demand. You can even say that is the heart of the South Campus and it has some really amazing desserts to offer that will make you drool. The ambience of this place is well lit and the seating arrangement is also nicely organised which means you can make a plan with your family and friends and hog on some really tempting chocolate treats. Do not forget to try their amazing chocolate balls, it’s bliss you guys!

DforDelhi recommends: 

  • That you visit all these heavenly top 6 dessert parlours in Satya Niketan and get ready to tingle your taste buds with delight.

So, are your chocolatey taste buds on fire yet? Head to these top 6 dessert parlours in Satya for a chocolatey good time!

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