Top 6 Places In Delhi Doing The Best Christmas Desserts

Top 7 Places In Delhi Doing The Best Christmas Desserts

Christmas is right around the corner, and its Jingle all the way! We cannot wait to get our face stuffed with all the Christmas cake and candy canes.

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Here is a list of places in Delhi that are doing Christmas desserts just right and we bet you won’t be able to resist once you go through it!


Dezertfox has rolled out their Christmas menu and it is to die for! Peanut butter snowman cake, Chocolate Santa Cake, Chocolate wonder in the snow, Swiss Yule log, and their gingerbread all are sure to make you fall in love with them at the first sight.

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Angels in my Kitchen

This place is truly angelic when it comes to sweet and savoury baked goods. They’ve got the most delicious Plum Cakes with edible stars and bells and white, snow-looking frosting for you to dig in. They also have a Yule Log cake which is literally, a cakey, edible log, stolen fruit bread, Christmas cookies, with rum and snowballs.

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Soon after setting foot in the capital, our favourite place for all things sweet just came out with a special Christmas menu dominated by Plum Cakes made with ground spices in different alcoholic flavours!!!. They are also serving homemade fruit marshmallows, fresh gingerbread cookies, and Christmas puddings! Christmas just got sweeter!

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Elma’s Bakery

This small little bakery in the nooks of Hauz Khas Village is every dessert lovers Sunday Spot!  Keeping up with the Christmas spirit, they’ve got savoury Plum Cakes, puddings, and so much more. Check out for yourself if you don’t believe us.

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Known for having the best Christmas menus Theos has gone all-out this season with everything from Plum Cakes to Shepherd’s Pies. Their elaborate menu consists of  English Plum Cake, plum pudding with rum anglaise, gingerbread cookies, Santa cakes, Red Velvet Yule Log, Vanilla Kipferl Cookies and even more.

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Georgia Dakota

Bringing America’s West Coast, to Delhi Georgia Dakota has got a special Christmas menu for you to get your hands on. They have Orange Citrus cakes, gingerbread houses, meringue kisses, pumpkin pies and choco cookies, for it’s the season to devour dessert.

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These are a few extra kilos we won’t regret 😉

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