Try Delhi’s Spiciest Chole Kulche At This Joint In Old Delhi!

Try Delhi's Spiciest Chole Kulche At This Joint In Old Delhi

Where | Lotan Chole-Kulche, Chawri Bazaar, Delhi 6

Timings | 7:00 am to 10:30 pm

Price for two | Rs 50-100

Chola-Kulcha is one of the most popular street food found in Delhi. With everyone having a recipe of their own, this dish usually tastes different depending on the street vendor you choose.

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But if you are one to like your Cholle extra spicey, then head over to Lotan Chole-Kulche in Delhi 6 for an extravagant spice ride!

You have three choices for the chola, which are, regular, medium and spicey, which is topped with aloo, masala, aamchur-chutney, and finally garnished with coriander, radish and finely chopped ginger, and served with two hot fluffy kulchas! Along with chole-kulche, they shop also serves chana soup, with a butter cube added giving an extra flavour to it.

Though the medium one is spicy enough, the hot one is a must try for all those who have a higher threshold for spicy food!

So pick your level of spicey at Lotan’s Chile-kulche. Be there before it all sells out!

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