Uber Taxis In Delhi Now Have Emergency Buttons In Case Police Is Required!


Coming back to work from an early afternoon meeting, we noticed that our Uber had an Emergency Button in case of boo-boo moments! Later, our host explained that the mandate from the government is now in practice.

30 Second Window:

  • The red emergency button directly connects you with the Police helpline with special notice for the women helpline cases.
  • As mandated all app based taxis such as, Uber, Olacabs & TaxiForSure among others will need to get GPS. Along with meters & panic buttons installed for safety of passengers.
  • So, all you gotta do is press the button & take comfort in the fact that the police isn’t that far…


Check out for the emergency button in your taxi the next time. Safe travels!

Photo Credits: Atishay Sinha/DforDelhi

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