Ways To Overcome Stress In Delhi!

Hello Delhiwallas,

This piece of writing is for all those messed souls out there in the world who considers themselves ‘odd in the lot’. To all those cluttered minds yearning to get away from this madding crowd, I seek your attention for a smidgen moment to spill some gyaan on how to beat ranting and fussing over nagging mundanity.

We, Delhiites, are blessed to have oodles of alternatives to unwind our cluttered minds and dodging the gnawing realities that are presented in our platter almost everyday.While we all rant all day sitting in our cocoon, why not take charge to make ourselves happy when our Capital has so much to offer.

Here are some of the ways to overcome stress in Delhi:


I drank the silence of god from a spring the woods.-George Trakl
Take the Nature’s call and binge into moments soaked in the serenity of Woods. Look out for that ideal spot where spending hours will seem like a SPOT ON..!
Delhi’s home to some of the most spellbinding green havens. Sanjay Van is one such gem of a place.

Sanjay Van
This mesmerising forest covering approximate 10km, is a perfect spot for evening getaway. Go for a cycle ride or simply opt for a stroll through the woods and savour yourself with some visual feasts.The space is also a hit among youngsters for having been known as one of the few Delhi’s Spookiest Hideouts.


Spend a day in library,pick a nice work of literature and try every bit to make yourself glued.Literature love isn’t spontaneous,it takes time but i vouch you that the indulgence will be simply worth it.

British Council

Located on Kasturba Gandhi Marg, it serves as an ideal spot for bibliophiles.The place houses an art gallery, library and space for literary activities and events.Whether you seek introvert zones or prefer reading in the open,British council is super ideal for both.(Dont miss out on the recently opened Cara Cafe).


Breaking the cliche-Cafes are more than just food. Celebrating literature,music and food, the quirky concept of travel and book cafe is a rage among delhiites.The ones top notching in my list is Kunzum Travel Cafe

Kunzum Travel Café, Hauz Khaz

The brain child of an avid traveller, nature lover and photographer Ajay Jain, this quaint cafe is a must visit if you happen to be in Hauz Khaz Village. Read if you like or browse through the quirky travel collection displayed, order the beverage of your choice which is beautifully served with wafers, spend as much time as you want and while leaving pay as per your wish in the box kept at the entrance.(you must be wondering if this is for real..? Yes Indeed). The Cafe also hosts music gigs and other events.Simply Soul Satisfying..!

Delhi, in its every nook and corner is imbued with tales of forgotten times, housing some of the finest examples of historical architectural marvels.
Picture this- walking through the lush green gardens, taking shade under dense foliaged trees to keep excruciating sunshine at bay,exquisite architecture,faint echoes of peacock and birds chirping in the backdrop,an eerie calmness that surrounds. Isnt this Heavenly..!

Safdarjung Tomb

Humayun’s Tomb

(Sights of some extreme P.D.A is evitable. Beware..!)

The Capital is known for amalgamating eclectic art and cultures.Its one celebrated example is The Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon. The Cultural gully at KOD exhibits themes of various states of India through food and decor.

If you are a music fanatic, Zangoora(a theatrical dance show ) should be in your next wish list..!


Nothing heals better than shopping. So when reality bums you,give yourself a day off.Hop to your favourite fashion abode and spend like mad on you coz ‘when you look good you feel good’.

Head over to Sarojini Nagar for some Street shopping (It simply wont burn a hole in your pocket).

Paharganj for some junk jwellery, bags and shoes

Delhi Haat, INA for some ethnic wear

South Extension Market for Branded fashion Buffs

Although our minds usually yearns for far away destinations,places that somehow are almost impossible to travel often.This clinging makes for the loss of what could’ve been possible here within our reach.
So,lets pledge to the life,the one thats making its way into our consciousness,that from now on we are going to embrace the blithe affairs of life keeping fussing and ranting over petty issues at bay.
A Happy world starts with Happy You.

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