Will JNU loose the iconic Ganga Dhaba?

Jawaharlal Nehru University, one of India’s prestigious universities is famous for its 24*7 eateries, one of them is the iconic Ganga Dhaba. The recent news says, the university administration has served the owner of Ganga Dhaba, Bharat Tomar, with an eviction notice to move out of the premises of university. This notice, has created a minor commotion amidst the students because, the iconic place feed hungry stomachs from 4 pm till 3 am.

Students are gathered near the dhaba to protest on its closure and says, this the administration’s new way to question the late night culture of the campus. According to the notice, Bharat Tomar was supposed to vacate the place by August 18th, but due to the protest the Ganga Dhaba is still open, the final judgement is pending. The administration says, the owners of the Dhaba, do not have a legal authority to run an eatery in the campus, so they have to adhere the rules of the university.

The place is very special to every JNUite, the uneven rocks of the Dhaba,tea and vigorous discussions on heated political topics and radical debates, this is what summarizes  the soul of JNU “Ganga Dhaba“. The 33- year old Ganga, is always more than a dhaba to the students. They say, it is not safe outside the campus to hangout at night and the only place of the campus is being shut down.

The good thing is decision is still pending, fingers crossed and hope the this iconic place never shuts down!

ganga dhaba

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