#DFDExclusive | Tomorrowland Heavyweight Has A Special Message For All Of India!

Yves V

Yves V one of the biggest DJs in the world & also the resident DJ of Tomorrowland recently did a small India tour! And we couldn’t help but take an exclusive interview of the guy with the Midas’ touch. Yves V has been around for the longest time & has been dropping some sick beats, heavy bass & jaw dropping tunes wherever he goes!

30 Second Window:

  • Yves V, over the years, has garnered a huge fan following from little kids to oldies like us, his songs are sweet cravings for the soul!
  • And most definitely, one of the most humble DJs in the world, Yves continues to work with new names. Both lesser known DJs & bigshots!
  • So, without further ado, here’s the interview you’ve all been waiting for!

DforDelhi | Let’s start with the basics. Everyone knows you’ve been coming to India a long time! But even with the slow progression toward electronic dance music in this country – big artists like you keep coming back. Why?

Yves V | The energy! Indian audiences are open-minded and are always very energetic and vibrant, events and promoters like Nocturnal, Sunburn and Supersonic have really pushed the local talents in EDM and big-room house with international names too, I think that is important. India is a very exciting country to bring my sound to.

DforDelhi | We know Tomorrowland without you playing songs is just another music festival. What makes you so attached to that one music festival?

Yves V | Haha – I’m also a mainstage resident at Tomorrowland! I am one of only two alongside my guys Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, the whole Tomorrowland team work like a well-oiled machine, but most importantly they’re family. To be able to play one of the major festivals in the calendar from my home country is amazing, I look forward to it every year, watching how much they’ve grown and what they’re going to do next!

DforDelhi | Is there any chance for India to host international music festivals, like it did with EDC? If so, how long & what will it take for India to host more of such big music festivals from around the world?

Yves V | Of course, India could be one of the best places for these kind of promoters and events to expand in the East – but I don’t know how long that could take! It is a mix of what audience’s want and who promoters are wanting to book, but India is in an exciting place for dance music.

DforDelhi | Last year, you dropped a song with Quintino – a rising name in the EDM business – what drives you to keep producing new songs with fresh & young names?

Yves V | I like working with people I’m a big fan of. And when I feel like we can create some great music together, no matter how long they have been in the scene. Quintino has worked with Afrojack & Tiesto since earlier on in his career, but guys like Marc Benjamin who I just released my new single ‘Blow’ with, they sometimes are not as well known in certain regions even though they’ve done some cool work and toured a lot – that doesn’t change my mind about a project. If it feels right, it feels right!

DforDelhi | You’ve been producing loads of Singles these days, when can we expect your album? If it’s coming any time soon – considering your recent shows in Delhi & Mumbai – will the songs have any connection to your experience here?

Yves V | I prefer to focus on singles more, I don’t have a view to make an album soon but I do have a lot of tracks in the works take inspiration from everywhere I travel and the cultures I see, India included. You never know, I might start working with more Banghra and Bollywood influences soon ?

DforDelhi | Most of us love EDM, but music in itself has seen a major transition from generation to generation. Where do you see EDM going? Is the genre strong enough to last a lifetime or does it require internal changes like so many other things in life?

Yves V | Every genre changes and adapts from generation to generation, electronic music will be around forever and the more digital we become in our lifestyles, the more possibilities that gives to young producers and DJs. Weather the next generation will go more techno or more trance, who knows?

DforDelhi | Do you have any special message for up & coming artists & your diehard fans? Or is your music really the best way for you to communicate your message to the world?

Yves V | Keep working hard and thank you for all the positive vibes! That is what I hope people take from my music; positivity and energy!

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