10 Beauty Hacks Every Delhi Girl Should Know

Delhi girls are popular for their makeup and fashion sense. So, here are some beauty hacks that every Delhi girl should know so that you may look your best, no matter how limited your budget is.

1. Try a gel liner:

You need to place the top of your eye pencil near flame for 30 to 45 seconds. Then, give it 10 minutes to cool down. Now, you can have an intense and thick gel liner look.


 2. Set your lipstick

As you are done applying lipstick, place a tissue paper on your lips. Apply powder on tissue paper, as this gives a long-lasting effect and also sets the colour.



 3. Dry your nails

 You can speed up the drying process after applying nail paint by dipping your fingers in a bowl of cold water.



 4. Greasy Hair Rescue

Dry shampoos help to fix greasy hair. If you can’t find a dry shampoo, you can go for baby powder. Apply it on your hairline. Now, gently rub it and allow it to take away the greasiness and make your hair look better.



 5. Makeup wipes are important

It’s impossible to have makeup wipes everywhere. So, it is better to swap them with the baby wipes. The baby’s wipes work in the same way and are usually gentler to your skin.


6. Perfection in Mascara

Take a business card, place it behind your eye lashes and gently apply mascara. This will straighten your eyes lashes and will also avoid the smudging of mascara on your eyelids.


 7. Beach waves

Always braid your hair really tight before you go to bed. As you wake up, spray, untangle and scrunch it. You’ll get the perfect waves without even using any curling iron.


8. French manicure

Place band-aids curvy end line slightly away from the real tip of your nail. Apply nail paint and allow it to dry nicely, before you peel off the band-aid. This is the perfect way to perform home French manicure.


9. Perfect Ironing

If you have a curling iron for your hair, then roll them back up to pin it till it cools down. It helps in keeping your curls last longer.


10. Last-longing perfume

Get an alluring perfume that lasts all day long. Always ensure that you smell good all the time. It should be long lasting and soothing!



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