You are not a delhiite if you haven’t done these 8 things

On hearing the name of our country’s capital, most of the people dismiss it by calling “rude”, “unsafe”, “chaotic”, “clumsy” and “last place I would like to live in”. Especially, parents with daughter who are aware of all those unpleasant happenings and people who are suffering from unemployment would know the intensity of this city. But to those who have been living in that place for quite a while now, they will call it a place like nowhere else. This city is an amalgamation of contradictions from the gothic architecture to the Ashoka trees standing on the either side of the road with old style buildings, swanky malls, huge multiplexes. The quirks about the city makes you love it. If you’re a Delhite and you are proud of it, you must have done few boisterous things in the city. A list of seven things that you must do to persist the tag are:

1. Strolled around India Gate past Midnight hours:

The first image that you would get by reading this is the scenes in the flick “Rang De Basanti”. Yes! There’s nothing like strolling around the India Gate with a gang of your own past midnight. All you have to do is make a gang, grab and ice cream and walk around the India Gate and Secretariats along the Rashtrapati Bhavan road singing “Masti ki Paatshaala”.


2. Shopped 10 apparels for the cost of 3 INR at Sarojini:

A girl’s paradise as it is called, it is the only place where Zara and Mango are sold at 1/4th of the original price. From chiffon gowns to Pajamas, it also provides you great food items on being tired of shopping to boost the energy.


3. Convinced your DSLR waala fraand to take pics at Hauz Khas Fort:

A delight for all those photographer friends you have who are looking for fervidness and peace. And what good is a friend with DSLR if he can’t give you a good Facebook Profile picture? *Wink*


4. Had Sitaram ke Chole Bhature at Paharganj:

Delhi is prominent for the exotic Chole Bhature that is served at Sita Ram Diwan Chand. A very old and ardent shop, it serves conic bhature which you can’t forget in life time. Haven’t had yet? Get set already.


5. Devoured Giani ki Ice cream at Giani’s Di Hatti :

For desert lovers, this is a place that shouldn’t be missed.  You will find the best Rabri Falooda and Kulfi that even God can’t deny. Milk shakes are equally significant since a decade along with all types of regular ice creams.


giani di hattio fatehpur


6. Always say “Delhi ke khaane ki tarah kuch nahi hai” when you visit any other city:

Being so vividly obsessed with the multiple varieties of food available and their taste, one can’t simply get over it. Even if you visit a new city and eat new kind of food, it will always remind you of your city’s food and you know that nothing can be compared to it.


7. Upload “dupatte waali” and “rumaal waali” pics after your first Bangla Sahib visit:

Situated in the heart of the city near Cannaught’s place, this is well-known Sikh Guridwara. If you have visited it, it’s obvious that you know the tradition of Rumaal and Dupatta and one can’t keep calm without uploading them on social media.


8. Random Road Trips:

Shimla? Manali? Rishikesh? Kasol? Jaipur? Agra? Just name it. People gear up those bikes and cars of themselves and ready to delve into road trips quite often



Have done all of these? Cool. Cherish your tag and explore more. Haven’t done any of these? Stop calling yourself a delhite till you’re done with this checklist.






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