10 Places In GTB Nagar To Eat At For Or Under INR 500!

10 Places In GTB Nagar To Eat At For Or Under INR 500!

Possibly the best hangout place for students and expats alike, GTB Nagar offers a plethora of food options you must get your hands on! And if you’re one of those people who is currently facing month end broke days, this list is FOR YOU. And, by the way, there are some amazing new places that are opening up here and you must not miss out on them!

I. Big Yellow Door

Where | 2521, 2nd Floor

You must hog on their – Cheesy Chicken Mushroom Panini (INR 165), Mac-N-Cheese (INR 210) & Red Smoked Chicken and Pineapple (INR 250).

II. 3 Pipers

Where | F-20 A

You must try their – Crispy Fried Chicken Burger (INR 140), Paneer Tikka Sandwich (INR 140), Grilled Vegetables With Balsamic Vinegar Roasted and Onion (INR 200) and Peri Peri Chicken Breast with Rice (INR 200).

III. Ricos

Where | 2526, 1st Floor

What to eat here? Lamn and Cheese Burger (INR 150), Lebanese Cheese Surprise (INR 130), Chicken Tikka Calzone (INR 150) and Five Cheese Pizza (INR 185)!

IV. The Hudson Cafe

Where | 2524, 1st Floor

Gorge on their – Chicken Stroganoff (INR 199), Hudson Medley (INR 189), Penne Cream Sauce (INR 179), Singapore Chicken Noodles (INR 169).

V. Spezia Bistro

Where | 2525, 1st Floor

Try their – Barbecue Chicken Wings (INR 199), Alfredo (INR 169), Veg Panini (INR 139) and Mexican Treasure Pizza (INR 229).

VI. Phonebooth Cafe

Where | G-14B

Pig out with Paneer Chilli Basil (INR 199), Cheesy Superloaded Nachos (INR 179), Chipotle Chicken Tikka (INR 229) & English Fish & Chips (INR 269)!

VII. Box Office Cafe

Where | F-16 B, Opposite NDPL Office

Hog on their – Half and Half Pizza (INR 209), Grilled Chicken and Cheese (INR 179), Paneer Tikka Hot Dog (INR 139) and Vegetable and Cheese Wrap (INR 139).

VIII. The Vegas Cafe

Where | 2527, Kingsway Camp

Here’s the deal guys! Fried Ice Creams are love! They are made with big dollops of ice creams frozen on a baking sheet and wrapped in cornflake crumbs before frying. And frankly, that’s the best thing you can eat here!

IX. Papa Buns

Photo Courtesy | Neha Sharma

Where | G-14 B, 1st Floor

This place is crazy af, bun-intended! You must try their – Chocolate Buns (INR 109), Chicken Bun (INR 149), Paneer Makhani Bunny Chow (INR 199) and Chicken Korma Bunny Chow (INR 239)!

X. No Vacancy Cafe

Where | H8, Vijay Nagar

Don’t judge it by its name. They got tons of space and loads of drool-worthy food! You must hog on their – Dirty Chicken Fries (INR 255), Tomato Basil Bruschetta (INR 205), Loaded Nachos (INR 205) and BBQ Bourbon Glaze (INR 255) and Spicy Paneer Schnitzel (INR 205)!

Finally, the question we’ve been waiting to ask you! Where are you eating today?

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