10 Things You Can Do To Make This Father’s Day Special

Children grow up looking at their fathers as their Idol. Their Father is their HERO. Why not this Father’s Day show  them how much you adore them, copy them and have learnt from them. Pamper them the way they pamper you. If nothing comes into the galaxy of your mind, we are sending out our below mentioned UFOs to sail through- 10 ways of making this father’s day memorable for your superhero, dad.


Paytm Karo, honestly the deals are tempting. Suggestion: Log in, check what your daddy needs( it works that way for them) and steal a deal. Tell him later how much you saved, like a cherry on top. Dad is not just happy but impressed.




Make a cassette/DVD/ Pen Drive or whatever he listens to of his all time humming favourites. Take him back to “humare zamane me” Literally.




Stellar (earlier Nom Nom), Delhi’s most favored Pan Asian restaurant at Hotel Ashok is all set to woo the Fathers with their exotic and lavish Lunch Menu of Sumptuous Chinese delicacies.On Prior booking, you get a 15% discount and Chef Special Desert for your Father.  Isn’t it a perfect way to flatter your father.




Get in touch with his friend’s children and arrange a get together. Like a huge Father’s day event. Where every kid tells their father what he means to them. The recognition will totally put him in the state of awe.




Good Food and Good woman get any man going, let’s just focus on the good food part. After all mom is right next to you. Keep mommy off the Kitchen for the meal and be the chef or the chef-brothers/sisters, No matter how it tastes he will say it was amazing, well that is the best part about dads. Make you Superhero proud of his genes.

P.S : Try to cook good.


Try to indulgence in an activity of his choice, ask him for advice. Be it

swimming, cycling anything. Make him feel important, after all it is a big deal for him in

this century if kids come by themselves for an advice to parents rather friends.




An handwritten message. ALERT: Do not ruin by sending it over text and ruin all

its beauty and emotion. Do it in person, Do it with all you have got.




DIY Ideas, internet is full with loads and loads and loads, consider a few more

loads of DIY Ideas, look into sites like PinInterest. An idea you find might just be like a

perfect jigsaw puzzle piece you have been looking for.




Herbal Cigarettes, yes most if the dads are into smoking. Let’s some them how

much we really care. Gift them a packet of Herbal Cigarettes and take a step against

the risk they are putting themselves too.




Line up his achievements, show him what a superhero he has been. Basically

take him down the memory lane from his young days to now a mature man.

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