The Only Indian Restaurant To Make It To World’s Top 100 is from Delhi

indian accent

Rated as the best restaurant on TripAdvisor for two consecutive years; this restaurant is the only Indian restaurant that has secured its spot in the List of world’s 100 best restaurants. Indian Accent located in Manor in Delhi’s New Friends colony is definitely worthy of the title it has achieved in the current year.
As a posh, fine-dine restaurant, it delivers the promise of a wonderful eating experience. The ambience is very simplistic yet sophisticated. The restaurant is done up in classic combinations of yellow, white and chocolate. Also, the spacious seating arrangements along with a contemporary bar complete the fine-dine look and add to your dining out experiences. The indoor seating area is generally preferred by families and quiet diners whilst there are provisions for an outdoor seating too. The hospitality offered at this restaurant is very prompt and pleasing. Some diners have also had the pleasure of having the chefs come to their tables and explain the dishes to them so that they can make a choice.

Indian Accent

The cuisine served here is predominantly Indian fused with modern, global flavours. The delicious food served will satiate your taste buds with their bold flavours and leave you craving for more. The dishes are plated immaculately and look inviting on being served. The USP of the restaurant is the inventiveness shown in the modern Indian dishes which in themselves are pieces of art.

Indian Accent


The breakfast offered at Indian Accent is also a very popular choice for its elaborate menu and various types of teas served here.
The head chef at Indian Accent, Manish Mehrotra, believes in Indian dishes cooked with global twists to make the experience of eating food a completely unique one. He has also been awarded the best chef in India title by American express and plays a crucial part in the restaurant’s success. Also, the restaurant has praised highly by Gary Mehigan, a judge on Master Chef Australia which is why it has gained popularity overseas. The recommendations along with the food is what makes the restaurant worthy of all accolades.

Recommended dishes: Chicken Tikka Quesadillas, Stuffed tandoori paneer,  Warm doda burfi treacle tart, Old Monk rum ball
For breakfast, try the Danish muffin and fresh mint tea.
Cost for two: INR 4000 approx

Location:  77, Friends colony West, New Delhi

Opening Hours: 12–2:30PM, 7–10:30PM

Phone:011 4323 5151

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