100 Pipers’ ‘Play For A Cause’ Is Bringing Dire Straits Experience To Gurgaon! Dilli, Going?

100 Pipers’ ‘Play For A Cause’ is bringing Dire Straits – Earth’s legendary rock band – to Gurgaon for a concert that will rock your universe! Playing since 1977, the rock band has been creating memories & putting smiles on the faces of millions of kids & old people alike since its inception! And now, bringing their rock verses, swinging guitars, the ‘Sultans of Swing’┬áto Gurgaon, Dire Straits Experience will be playing as part of the 100 Pipers’ #PlayForACause initiative. Dire Straits Experience will cover two cities – Gurgaon & Bangalore on 17th & 19th March!! The Dire Straits Experience band includes heavyweights & original members like – Chris White & Chris Whitten!! Now, we know that we’re going for the concert but how about you?

30 Second Window:

  • Fans can swing and dance to the tunes of life long favourites like – Money for Nothing, Walk of Life, Brothers in Arms, Sultans of Swing, Romeo & Juliet and Tunnel of Love!
  • The band is being hosted in India by 100 Pipers’ initiatives ‘Play for a Cause’ & ‘Be Remembered for Good’. In fact, proceeds of the concert will help in building sustainable drinking water resources in Rajasthan!
  • Now for the most soul enriching reason to head to the concert. The band has promised that the stage will be bigger & better than any we have seen & sound of the guitars and drums will be heard by the heavens above!

Dire Straits

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you support Dire Straits Experience in their effort to build sustainable drinking water resources in 6-7 villages in Rajasthan!

So, Dilli! If at all we’re saying anything it is that you buy your tickets ASAP! Buy your ticket to heaven here. And check out 100 Pipers Facebook and Twitter pages for more information!

When: 17th March, 2017

Where: Leisure Valley, Gurgaon

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