11 Fashion, Food And Coffee Spots You Must Check Out In Westend Marg!

Westend Marg in Saket has come up brilliantly as a space for food, fashion and coffee! In fact, with 11 different kinds of such stores – you will never feel alone here. ‘Cause there are enough stores for people to indulge in fashion fads, delicious food & piping hot coffee!

I. Pho King Awesome

Where | Khasra 258, Lane-3

Price For Two | INR 850

Must Haves | Dim Sums, Bento Box, Ho fan Noodles

Pho King Awesome opened a new outlet in Saket. And its dreamy atmosphere is already attracting quite a crowd! In fact, with 13 types of dim sum dishes & 12 types of noodles based dishes, we’re drooling for it all! But what is essentially a Vietnamese menu, also offers some super tasty pasta.

II. Filling Spaces

Where | #258, Kuldeep House, Lane 3

Must Buys | Carpets, Bed Covers, Bags

Filling Spaces, a richartistic and traditional brand is a creative & inspirational powerhouse! 

Spearheaded by sister duo Deepali and Nanu, the brand is the perfect solution to beautiful problems of fashion & home decor. Creating products ranging from topsstolescarpetsbed coversbags – basically everything beautiful under the sun, the shop is a design & cultural hub.

III. Mucchad Di Chai

Where | Mehrauli Badarpur Road

Price For Two | INR 200

Must Haves | Chocolate Caramel Shake, Chicken Roll, Paneer Roll

From Malaviya Nagar all the way to Saket – this one small chai joint has been driving people nuts! And if you looked at their grand menu and the pricing – you’d probably fall in love again. ‘Cause it’s not just the chai that is deliciously infectious – it’s the shakes, the rolls and the quite frankly, the dhaba feels!

IV. Renu & Rekha

Where | #6, Champa Gali, Khasra 258

Must Buys | Wall Hangings, Note Pads, Photo Frames, Paintings

Imagine this – two ladies sitting behind a desk, creating amazing pieces of art & crafts! Renu & Rekha are sister duo who enchanted us with their beautiful creations. And while they’re simple – the products – the creativity and effort put in each of the product is special!

V. Cafe Hameen Asto

Where | Between Lane no. 3 & 4, Opposite Rose Cafe

Must Haves | Kebabs, Harissa, Kashmiri Saag, Tabakh Maaz, Palak Kofta and Rogan Josh

Roaming around Saket, we found the best surprise that 2018 could ever share with us! Saket recently got its first Kashmiri Cafe and its open-air garden shack is a beautiful affair that we just couldn’t resist taking in. And the best part? With tons of hookah flavours, authentic Kashmiri food & amazing seatings – it’s an irresistible concept that you must check out!

VI. SOHO Bistro & Cafe

Where | Khasra No. 264

Price For Two | INR 550

Must Haves | English Breakfast, Fish & Chips

Residing in Saket, SOHO Bistro & Cafe is one of the chicest cafes in South Delhi. The place is known for its ambience and cosy sitting. It has amazing interiors and the colours used are very soothing and comforting. Apart from this, the seating arrangement makes you feel like home.

VII. R’s Just Hair

Where | Khasra #258, Shop 10, Lane 3

For everything related to your hair problems – this place is probably your best option out here. And here’s the great thing – R’s Just Hair is inside Morellos, so it’s no surprise that you’ll find people sipping on delicious shakes before after a great haircut!

VIII. Morellos

Where | Khasra 258, Gali Number 3

Price For Two | INR 500

Must Haves | Morellos’ Tres Leche Shake, Bubble Gum Shake

Morellos is best known for its milkshakes that are made with the finest ingredients you can lay your hands on. Their fan favourite shake, Brownie Milkshake, is just one of the many delicious glasses of happiness on their menu of chocolate blasted shakes.

IX. Rose Cafe

Where | 2 Westend Marg

Price For Two | INR 600

Must Haves | Pasta, Pizzas, Brownies

Rose Cafe might give you confused vibes at first considering its rustic nature, but once the beautiful interiors appear the confusion disappears then & there. With pink hue walls covering the entire expanse of the cafe, including a spot directly under the setting sun, the cafe is a chic place for that long awaited date. And the best part? If you don’t like pink walls, you can always stare at the bright lights hanging from the walls.

X. Caara Kitchen

Photo Courtesy | DSSC Delhi

Where | Lane Number 3

Caara Kitchen is one of the few places in Delhi that not just offers amazing food but also some really cool culinary classes! Started by Alice Helme & Ambika Seth – their plan was simple. Serve delicious food that drives people nuts, while also creating a magical experience to allow them to talk, share and create unforgettable moments over food!

XI. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

Where | Lane Number 3

Price For Two | INR 600

Must Haves | Iced Latte, Americano, Garlic Fries

Blue Tokai Roasters roasts fine Arabic Coffee beans from select plantations across India to offer a variety of coffee blends. This can be seen live through a glass division, for a fresh cup of joe, served with some mouth-watering snacks. They also deliver their roasted signature coffee on order, twice a week. So that you can savour your favourite coffee at home as well!

So, guys, the next time you come to Westend Marg, you know which all places to check out!

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