11 Filter Coffee Hotspots In Delhi For Times When Machine Coffee Just Doesn’t Cut It!

11 Filter Coffee Hotspots In Delhi For Times When Machine Coffee Just Doesn't Cut It!

Filter coffee has a different charm and flavour to it that normal, machine brewed coffee or pot coffee just doesn’t have! Maybe that’s why it has so many fans and drinkers in South India. And while the culture of Delhi is such that we are used to drinking pot coffee, filter coffee has an outstanding aroma. It’s good to the point that gives you energy, it wakes you up (so, no need for alarms anymore) and it is something you can drink any time of the day! And if you’re lucky, one of these places in close to you, so dig in eh!

30 Second Window:

  • Filter coffee is a sensation down south and the reason behind that is the aroma and flavour bomb that it is! And trust us, it is quite literally a bomb.
  • So, coming fast forward to you is this list of the best places to slurp the craziest coffee you’ve ever wrapped your hands around.
  • And what better time to try it out right? It may rain today or tomorrow, but the filter coffee will keep you warm and happy!
I. Udupi Cafe

Fixed up in the traffic jam hub of East Delhi, Udupu Cafe has a small space in ITO. But it dishes out amazing filter coffee for the early morning birds, as well as, the mid-day dwellers! So, if you’re a coffee freak or even a bit of filter coffee nerd, this place must be on your bucket list!

Location | Ground Floor, Pratap Bhawan, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, Near ITO

Nearest Metro Station | ITO

And Pay | INR 38 a cup

II. Karnataka Food Centre

One fo the best places for Kannad delicacies and filter coffee, Kartnataka Centre is one of the best hubs for filter coffee! Besides, it’s no joke that this place is always, without fail, filled with people hogging on food and then binge drinking filter coffee.

Location | Ground Floor, Delhi Karnataka Sangh Building, R K Puram

Nearest Metro Station | Chattarpur

And Pay | INR 30 a cup

III. Chaayos

The place that experiments with tea is also a lesser known hub for filter coffee. And for that reason, it does deserve a spot on this list! Although Chaayos is better known for its teas, filter coffee is also one of their specialities. It’s pricey, sure, but boy is it good!

Location | Multiple Outlets

And Pay | INR 99 a cup

IV. Flavors Of Chennai

Bringing piping hot food from the lanes of Chennai, Flavors of Chennai is one fo the most rad places in town! And their filter coffee is just absolutely delicious. It’ll wake you up from the deepest slumbers in an instant.

Location | 6, Corner Market, Near Hanuman Temple, Malviya Nagar

Nearest Metro Station | Malviya Nagar

And Pay | INR 50 a cup

V. Chennai Junction

You probably half expected to read Chennai Express, although their service is an express delivery one and their filter coffee is hot af! It’s hot, delicious, instant hitter and everything ‘real’ coffee should taste like.

Location | G-3, Pankaj Plaza, LSC, Surajmal Vihar, Anand Vihar

Nearest Metro Station | Anand Vihar

And Pay | INR 50 a cup

VI. Coffee Home

The centre of all coffee attention in Connaught Place! Coffee Home is one of the few places in Delhi that serves authentic filter coffee for a seriously reduced price. You can slurp a number of other drinks here, but since the tpic of discussion for now is filter coffee, let’s stick to that!

Location | Baba Kharak Singh Marg

Nearest Metro Station | Rajiv Chowk

And Pay | INR 40 a cup

VII. Chennai Hot Cafe

Even on a hot day, this place offers us some incredible filter coffee which you eventually end up drinking no matter what! So, what better way to give in to temptation save with a piping hot cup of filter coffee? It’ll wake you up in an instant when laziness atches up!

Location | E 143, Shop 4, Kamla Nagar

Nearest Metro Station | Vishwa Vidyalaya

And Pay | INR 30 a cup

VIII. The Madras Cafe To Kumars

One of the best places in town for filter coffee, these guys not just serve amazing coffee but also some amazing meals! And what better way to enjoy the filter coffee but with a plate of Dal vada.

Location | Shop 115, RPS Savana, Kheri Road, Near Sector 86, Faridabad

Nearest Metro Station | Badarpur Metro Station

And Pay | INR 30 a cup

IX. Lakshmi Coffee House

You won’t ever regret coming here for filter coffee. The good people here at Lakmshi Coffee House have been making memories and brewing outstanding filter coffee since you were born son! So, trust their cup of coffee blindly, they’re pretty good at what they do.

Location | Brahmaputra Shopping Complex, Sector 29, Noida

Nearest Metro Station | Botanical Garden

And Pay | INR 23 for a cup

X. Carnatic Cafe

New Friends Colony and GK have their own hubs for filter coffee. Carnatic Cafe have outlets in both colonies and their fans are innumerable! So, the next time you go here for filter coffee, watch out, this place is perpetually crowded.

Location | Ground Floor, The India Mall, Community Center, New Friends Colony

Nearest Metro Station | Nehru Place

And Pay | INR 80 a cup

XI. Thalaivar

And finally, Thalaivar, the place with an attitude to get their filter coffee right, every time! Their filter coffee is delicious, piping hot as always and waiting for you to drink up.

Location | E-25 A, Main Market, Hauz Khas

Nearest Metro Station | Hauz Khas

And Pay | INR INR 80 for a cup

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you get your fix of filter coffee if at all you’re feeling all drowsy or hungover! We can assure you with 100% certainity that it will wake you up.

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