3 Days Of Ultimate E-Sports Mania At The ESL India Premiership!

Where | NSIC Grounds, Okhla

When | 15th – 17th December

Facebook Page | https://www.facebook.com/ESLinIndia/

One of the biggest stages for E-sports in India – ESL India Premiership was a master blast of an event that we can’t stop gushing about! In fact, if we tell you some of the deets about the event, trust us, you’ll be in absolute shock. Why? Well, firstly because it was genuinely the best event that December in Delhi has ever seen!

And mostly because of a kid – A KID, no more than 15 years old who won the Clash Royale competition and he was ecstatic! And we were in genuine shock (happy vala :P)

Regardless, let’s get back to what all happened at the 3-day event, shall we?

ESL India Premiership brings together a plethora of people who cannot live without video games! But not just any game – a set of multiplayer online games that even a non-gamer can enjoy playing or watching. It mostly revolved around games like – CS GO, Clash Royale & DOTA 2! 3 games that lit the stage up with high flying exploits by the playing teams!

From gun slinging, high tension modes & sweating until the end of the game – the atmosphere was absolutely eclectic. And even though there could only be one winner, the entire event brought together like-minded people who screamed at the top of their lungs, literally prayed. That their efforts to win and to show that gaming too can be made a profession doesn’t go to waste. Answering every parent’s quip – “there’s no future in gaming!”

But that’s not all that ESL India Premiership brought to Delhi! The good people here at ESL India also had something unique! Cosplay & Just Dance! While the former culminated in Delhiites & Gurugrammers fashioning some amazing cosplay acts the latter saw enthusiastic dancers set the stage on fire as they copied and perfected every move on the screen!

But wait! Woah! That’s not all that went down! ESL India also opened shop where they presented and sold some really amazing and eye-catching official merchandise that gave us goosebumps!

So, while we solemnly wait for the next season to kick off – wouldn’t it be amazing if you could watch all the post-event action? We’re sure that some of you might have missed the entire event due to the vaca season, so worry not, is what we’re saying! Because you can still catch the event’s happenings on ESL India’s Facebook & YouTube pages!

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