3 Reasons Why This ‘No-Network’ Village In The Hills Is Your Perfect Getaway

3 Reasons Why This 'No-Network' Village In The Hills Is Your Perfect Getaway

Where | Kalpa, Himachal Pradesh

Have you ever dreamt of a place in the hills where there’s absolutely no network? Well, running away from the mundane lifestyle of the city life just got a whole lot better! Because Kalpa in Himachal Pradesh is an absolute beauty and we can’t seem to get over it!

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I. No Network, No Tension – Perfect Getaway

Kalpa is a small town in the Sutlej river valley that resides at an average elevation of 2,960 metres. At that height, with the mountain ranges a stone’s throw away from where you’re standing – Kalpa has everything you need to peace out! In fact, the town is home to several temples with the river Sutlej hurtling through gorges down below.

II. Kinnaur-Kailash Mountains

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The Kinnaur-Kailash are the famed and mystical mountains near Kalpa. The great thing about these mountains is that they look like Shivlings! But here’s the catch. It’s extremely hard to see the two mountains together. Which obviously means that if you do get a glimpse of these Shivling mountains – you’re one really lucky person! In fact, there’s a school here in Kalpa where tourists can just sit around and wait for the majestic view of the mountains.

III. High-Quality Apples and Chilghauza

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Kalpa is famous for two other things except for the mountain ranges of Kinnaur-Kailash. And it’s the Apple and Chilghauzas they produce. The entire area in Kalpa is full of apple trees. You can also find the extremely pricey Chilghauza!

You know what that means right? If you can, by any chance, pluck a few apples here, you’re sorted! ‘Cause even if an apple a day keeps the doctor away – these ones will surely keep your mood lifted and your mouths begging for more!

Ps. it takes about 14 hours to reach Kalpa from Delhi. But that shouldn’t be a problem since reaching a place where you get absolutely no network, should always be worth the time and effort!

Also, Kalpa now has 5 places where you can stay and peace out!

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