3rd Edition of The Saree Festival is here

Saree Fesstival
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A one of its kind festival, the Saree Festival is back again with its third edition in Delhi. Starting from 13th April 2016 till 17th of April, this festival is to woo also the drape lover and even those who have never actually worn a saree. India’s most loved attire shows how it can be played with and created into something so wonder that all types of people can wear it, from homemakers to leading lady entrepreneurs.

This Saree Festival, known as Utsav in Hindi will showcase the creation of various handloom styles from all over India. Contemporary designers are reinterpreting the sarees along with their traditional and authentic forms today. Also a third form of sarees has evolved overtime that is the digital printed and graphics sarees. Saree is already diversified in the world’s most diverse country and is further being worked upon, day and night for its enhancement. This saree celebration will further strengthen the bond between a five to nine yard piece of cloth and a lady by bringing together the variations of styles, materials, traditions, techniques, experiments and sensibilities of a saree all under one single roof.

The Saree Festival is scheduled to have a Saree Mela where an assortment of sarees will be at for sale. It will feature signature pieces from various styles that is from the much loved hand woven ones to the mechanically printed sarees. The collection of this season will mostly highlight the eastern India’s pattern of sarees and renowned brands will be available for purchase. Also there will be precious and semi precious jewellery store.

Also, Saree ka Gunijan Khana, a theoretical and performance-based piece will be showcased for bringing together the various voices and ideas around a saree, which includes a plays and saree styling workshops for the enthusiasts.

Happy Saree exploration and shopping!

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