Dubai Diaries with Ambika Anand on Episode 3

The 3rd episode of the much awaited Dubai Diaries series caters exclusively to wedding planners, bridesmaids, and brides-to-be. Each bride has this deep-rooted desire to see her special day be just as beautiful, and just as unique as a snowflake is. But, with the rampant Band-Baja-Baraat-esque market, it has become more than a little difficult to pull off original wedding ideas in India. To battle this problem, you must visit the city of Dubai which offers tons of options to help you create an Indo-Emirati fusion wedding – something which is hardly ever seen.

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And as is the trend in this series of having each episode hosted by a different, amazing celeb, part three has the incredible Ambika Anand as its anchor. Known as the ultimate fashion diva, Ambika will show you just the perfect way to decode the Dubai wedding shopping scene for an unrivaled nuptial experience.

dubai diaries ndtv good times

Accompanied by a future bride, and armed with her elaborate knowledge of all that is chic, she will be looking for matchless items for the bride’s trousseau as well as exceptional gifts for her fiancée, family members, and friends. In this episode, viewers also get the opportunity to meet Emirati wedding dress designers and jewelry makers, discuss with them the fabulous Emirati wedding traditions, and the mysterious stories behind them.

At the world renowned Al Boom restaurant, audiences will have the chance to witness the anchor interact with Master Chef Al Boom himself, and craft a wedding menu after tasting all of the delights his kitchen has to offer. After all, food is what makes an average wedding amazing.

dubai diaries ndtv good times

The Doll House in Dubai is where you will get to discover the Middle Eastern beauty traditions, and skincare secrets which were previously unknown in South Asia. And journeying with Ambika, you get to explore amid the ornaments’ section in the Mall of Dubai, the Henna Parlors in Dubai Bur, and the traditional gold and textile souks for their products. Here, she will also teach you how to hunt out the very best items in the market without getting lost in the massive piles of wedding merchandise.

dubai diaries ndtv good times

Importantly, shoe lovers needn’t fret at all, because one of the most spectacular destinations on the list is the Level Shoe District, famous for the elaborately embroidered footwear available here. These shoes are perfect to wear with bridal gear, and are touted as the hidden treasures of Dubai’s marketplaces. Ambika will showcase the designs, and also give you valuable fashionista advice on how to choose the correct footwear to complement your dress.

dubai diaries ndtv good times

With an elaborate checklist that covers everything from the trousseau to the trinkets, in episode 3, you get to witness a side of this desert city that even seasoned travelers have never seen before. So, watch, be awed, get inspired, and go on to have the kind of Middle Eastern princess wedding you didn’t even know that you’d been dreaming of.

The Show will be On Air this Thursday, 14th April at 8 PM on NDTV Good Times.

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