Gurgaon is Gurugram and here is what you can do about it !

gurgaon to gurugram

Gurgaon’s name has been changed to Gurugram but here is what you can do to rollback its name back to Gurgaon.

The petition has been started with a view to engage residents of the city which play a crucial role in deciding the name of the city which they inhibit into. There has been views referring to both the views of for and against Gurugram & thus we started a petiton with a possibility of engaging the residents of the city to engage directly by signing ina petition for rolling back its name to GURGAON again.

To sign in the Petition to rollback Gurugram to Gurgaon , click on the link below :

I want to change Gurugram back to Gurgaon !



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