4 Reasons Why Double Decker And Oreo Waffle Are Drivin’ Delhiites CRAZY!

Where | GG II, 71-A, Vikaspuri

Price For Two | INR 300

At the startin’ of every working week – we give you some really impressive waffle options. But why at the startin’ of the week? So, you have enough time to gather your squad, severe all ties from work and drown in pure waffle lust!

I. Taking A Break From Taking A Break W/t Oreo Waffles!

Imagine taking a break from taking a break and hogging on a mountain of waffle. And not just any random plate of waffle. One dunked in crushed oreo, whipped cream & topped with an ice cream of your choice!

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II. Double Decker Waffles – Because Hogging On One Isn’t Enough!

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How can you even live and breath if you haven’t had a mouthful of this magnificent beast of a dish? Let’s break it down, shall we? Duplex waffles stuffed with ice cream and built with Nutella, sprinklers & choco-chips! Boom, you just got waffled!

III. Startin’ INR 160, You Ain’t Never Had Anything Like This Before!

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So, the great part about this place is that they offer 1..2..3…TEN types of waffles! And each one is better than the last! Startin’ with Classic to Chocolate Monster Brownie, Nutella to Pastry & Milky Way waffles – now you have our permission to drool like a baby!

IV. And The Best Part? You’ve Already Been To This Place Before!

Remember we told you about Chocolate Gol Gappas? Well, Social Foodie Inside was the place and they’re offering these waffles to all the sugar rush lovers like us! Mostly a modern twist on some classic dishes – the chefs here will drive you nuts! And trust us, when we tell you, that their chocolate gol gappa – a sheer chocolate pleasure – packs some serious flavour that goes *bang* as you take mouthfuls of it.

So, what are you waiting for? Head down to Vikaspuri rn!

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